Hi folks. It is possible that you didn't hear about me in a while. I'm going to fix that right now.

You might have also heard that the server is working again. But I'm not going to stop there, as that would be me, of course. Instead, I'd like to add live stats of the people connected to my server (in fact, I can't give an exact number of playing people, as I'm not really able to track games once they begin).

The next thing will be a new version of Connector, which will allow to set a few more things, such as a custom launcher, and will provide more detailed information about the actions the app does. It will also allow to rollback the changes the app did to the system. They're in no way permanent, but as I come closer to the inclusion of the IRC peerchat server, it could have a considerable impact, as IRC server does not have such an unique web address as other W4 servers.

Which takes me to the next point - IRC server that is used for chat in the lobby, the work is progressing slowly but I'm going there! I'm using InspIRCd as a base for my IRC server, it is highly customizable and pretty well suited for the kind of job I want. ;-) It will take some time before the server gets fully operational, but when it does, everybody will be able to connect to it - not just Worms 4 players.

Well, that's all for today. I believe you'll enjoy the news and have fun playing on the server! }:-)


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